About Us

We've been working with blockchain since 2014 and have decades of experience building enterprise grade software. Taxoshi's algorithms have been hand crafted using our personal experience navigating the cryptocurrency taxation landscape and in conjunction with other industry experts.

Our story

Taxoshi's Founder Craig MacGregor has been involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain as a software engineer since 2014. He is one of the co-founders  of NavCoin, a popular digital currency that has been globally traded for 6 years and continues to innovate on the world stage.

As well as being one of New Zealand's blockchain pioneers, Craig has over a decade of industry experience as a software engineer. He has architected and engineered a wide range of software projects including award winning advertising campaigns, brand websites, corporate intranet systems, SaaS platforms, blockchain wallets, mobile applications and more.

Being actively involved in the blockchain industry for years, Craig has by necessity been across New Zealand's cryptocurrency tax guidelines and had to navigate it for his own tax returns. Upon first reviewing Inland Revenue's guidance it became apparent the process would be impossible for him to manually calculate so he wrote a program to automate the process and Taxoshi was born.

Taxoshi leverages all of Craig's real world experience and software develoment skills to build a user-friendly, stream-lined solution which can cater to traders, investors and miners of any scale.

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Taxoshi is a New Zealand startup with the vision of bringing deeper compliance to the blockchain ecosystem globally.

Our roadmap

  • Bitcoin & Ethereum Mining Support

    Launching with NavCoin mining support, we’re working quickly to bring online mining support for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies as demand requires.

  • Additional Local and International Exchanges

    With initial support for five prominent exchanges we are looking to quickly onboard the most popular exchanges for New Zealand cryptocurrency traders and investors.

  • Enhanced Configuration and Reporting Options

    There current calculation covers the needs of the majority, but we will look to add more calculation methods such as average cost, and more ways to intuitively refine what activity is being reported on.

  • International Jurisdictions and Reporting Currencies

    With the initial focus being on New Zealand, once we’ve further crafted Taxoshi for this audience, we will set our sites on adding more international regions and reporting currencies.

The name Taxoshi is derived from the pseudonym of Bitcoin's inventor Satoshi Nakamoto.

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