Want to work with us? At Taxoshi we pride ourselves in providing one of the most transparent and fair company frameworks in the industry. Equal cross discipline pay, strong leave benefits, flexible working hours, horizontal decision making, and vesting share schemes ensure Taxoshi's team members are respected and valued for their time and effort.

Open and transparent remuneration packages

The highest payed employee will not earn a salary of more than 3 times the lowest-paid employee. Salaries are based on the experience tier you fit into (junior, intermediate, senior, lead, executive) and not based on role type. Meaning an intermediate account manager would earn the same as an intermediate developer.

Junior $75,000
Intermediate $100,000
Senior $125,000
Lead $150,000
Executive $150,000

All base salaries increase at 5% per year by default to offset inflation. Additional pay increases are determined by how long an employee has been in their position at a rate of 5% per year. For example, an Intermediate Designer hired at $100,000 would have their pay increased to $110,000 after 12 months. Performance reviews will be conducted semi-annually and are focused on goal setting, training and career progression rather than remuneration negotiations.

Employee Share Scheme

The first cohort of full-time employees will have their salary supplemented with a 5% shareholding that vests over 3 years. As a growing early-stage startup, these employees are seen to be on the pathway to be the Lead of their department as the business scales.

Part time positions in exchange for sweat equity are also potentially available. Get in touch with us if you're interested in getting involved [email protected].

Other Benefits

Employees will receive 20 days paid sick leave, 6 weeks paid annual leave and up to 4 weeks unpaid leave annually.

Employer contributions to Kiwisaver (or other eligible scheme) will always be made by the company regardless of whether the employee decides to contribute or not. Company Kiwisaver contributions will not be considered part of the salary package.

There will be no 90 day trial period written into employment contracts.

Work hours are flexible and team meetings will be scheduled for days and times that are agreed on by the team.

Weekly hours are expected to be no more than 40 hours per week for full time employees.

Remote working is fully supported.

Career progression planning, training programs and mentoring by industry experts is available and encouraged.

Decision Making Process

Important internal decisions will be made within the company by a consensus vote amongst the employees where each employee has one vote regardless of title. Executives may sparingly veto votes while seniors & leads may sparingly veto votes related to their specialty discipline. 

Ideally vetoes are not necessary and decisions are backed by strong reasoning that makes sense and everyone can get onboard with.

The structure of this decision making process will evolve as the company grows, likely retaining a similar ethos but being broken down into departments or teams which can operate independently and mostly autonomously.

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