An accountant or tax agent?

Find our how Taxoshi can help you quickly and easily calculate your clients cryptocurrency tax position.

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and manual calculations!

Efficient and easy to use

Takes minutes, not hours

Step-by-step instructions walking you through the platform

Inventory seamlessly carried forward into the next tax year

Reliable and secure

Built by blockchain experts

Methodology reviewed by the IRD and accountants

Committed to confidentiality and anonymity

Exchange and coin agnostic

Supports multiple exchanges

Covers the crypto tax position holistically; trades, mining, and other cryptocurrency income

Minimise admin

Invoiced monthly at a flat fee per finalised report

Manage your organisation, accountants and clients from one place

Visibility of report status

Unlocked features

Ability to configure and generate reports multiple times before finalising

Ongoing customer support



Upload trading history and link up any mining and blockchain based income and expenses


Review the summary of activity across the full data input


Configure financial year dates, choose tax currency and flag transactions that are exempt from the tax calculation


Reports feature an overview of your clients tax position, and detailed breakdowns of every taxable event

Taxoshi – built by blockchain experts

We've been engineering blockchains since 2014 and have decades of experience building enterprise grade software. Taxoshi's algorithms have been hand crafted using our personal experience navigating the cryptocurrency taxation landscape and in conjunction with other industry experts.

We've put all of our technical skill and industry knowledge to work building a tax calculation platform that will make getting your cryptocurrency tax under control simple, fast and enjoyable.

Try our calculation wizard for free

Try our calculation wizard for free

Taxoshi is a New Zealand startup with the vision of bringing deeper compliance to the blockchain ecosystem globally. Join us on the journey.